New In Knitwear || My Recent Wardrobe Additions



As we are in the full swing of autumn, inching closer and closer to winter, I recently found myself with a sudden craving for new knitwear. From about October 1st to the end of May, I live in my knits. Vancouver is notorious for having only two seasons: warm sunny summer, and chilly grey rain. My knits are the only thing that get me through that grey half of the year. Though I am the first to admit, as a true Vancouverite I am a neutrals junkie. You go into my closet and it is just black, black, and more black… I swear half of my sweaters lack colour. So I did a bit of shopping to try and fix that. I set myself one rule: no black. I didn’t think I bought enough to do a full haul on youtube, so instead I thought I could show you guys my new finds over here, as well as share some other sweaters I have on my current wish list.



The new Classic

Okay, I am aware that this is still very much so neutral, and that grey is almost black. Key word here is almost. But I just had to have this one. Made by a local Vancouver company named Okakie, this is their Lim Plush Knit Sweater. Okakie is cool because they do limited distribution and production runs, so once something is sold out it’s gone for ever. Their sourcing is mindfully selected for quality and longevity, with all their clothes produced at a small factory in Los Angeles. They also offered free custom tailoring, so I actually got the sweater taken in just a tad so the chest didn’t look as boxy. The reason this sweater stood out to me so much in the store was the balloon effect detail on the sleeves and the thick neckline. It’s a unique take on a classic silhouette that I think is so timeless, so I know this will be one of those pieces I keep forever. It’s also machine washable which is perfect for a lazy gal like me who hates dry cleaning.

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Maroon Details

If you guys watched my halloween vlog, you would have seen me try this sweater on at Zara. The second I saw it on the rack I knew I had to have it. I love the mix of a newer plain sweater with a traditional cable knit sleeve. It brings an element of detail that catches everyone’s eye. I posted about this sweater on my instagram stories and got so many messages from you guys asking where I got it. I struggled a little bit on sizing with this one, as I was tossing up between a medium and a small for a solid 3 days. I ended up buying the medium, and then totally regretted it and had to go back and exchange it for a small. Though it was a bit of a headache, I’m glad I did because I love how it looks. Whilst still being oversized, it’s not nearly as boxy as the medium was. The wool in it will keep you warm, and the size is perfect for layering a base layer underneath on colder winder days.

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The Vintage FinD

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is go to flea markets and vintage shops with my best friend Ali. This pastel cropped sweater was a find on our most recent thrift shopping crawl. Ali saw it on the rack and urged me to try it on, and I instantly fell in love. The combination of the baby blue and pastel yellow is unlike anything I own. I think we all know by now that I am a sucker for stripes, but I like the different approach they took with the double stripes inside the larger blocks of colour. The length is also perfect for tucking into high-waisted jeans. I used to be weirded out shopping second hand because I was stuck in a belief that it was strange to wear someone else's clothes. But in reality, it’s the perfect way to find something unique that no one else will have, and it’s also so much better for our wallets and the environment. (win-win in my books)



Barbie Neon Goodness

I am obsessed with this sweater. Like obsessed. I feel like photos aren’t even capturing how neon this pink is. I have been on the hunt for the perfect barbie coloured hot-pink turtleneck for as long as I can remember. Every one I’ve ever found has either been too small, or too large, or just not the right shade of pink. Finally I saw Allana wearing one on instagram and I knew I had to get my hands on it. When I wore it for the first time, I got stopped by people all day asking me where I got it or to just compliment me on the colour. I will say, this sweater is extremely oversized, so even though I usually buy a medium or large, I got this one in a small and it still looks huge. I am a sucker for a good turtle neck, but what I love about this one is just how big the neck actually is. If I unfolded it completely, it would go up and over my head! It’s also incredibly soft, which makes me want to buy it in every colour. I mean, how dreamy is the neon green and the orange? I already know that I am going to be living in this sweater all winter.

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Those are some of my most recent knitwear finds! Though, I may have to place another cheeky order of some of those off my wish list. But for now let me know, which is your favourite? I think mine has to be the neon pink one, even though I love them all. Also let me know, where are your favourite places to shop for knitwear? I need some new places to look!