Alone Time Adventures.

This past weekend I went on a little adventure on my own around Vancouver that I thought I would share with you all.. Feeling the need to get out of the house after a very long day of computer work, I headed Downtown and decided to walk along the Sea Wall and just enjoy the smell of the ocean and have some alone time with my own thoughts. The Sea Wall, and just the smell of Vancouver's ocean in general is one of my favourite things in this entire city, so I decided to head down and take some pictures and just clear my head.

I think sometimes in today's day and age, we get lost in our constant interaction with other people via social media that we forget sometimes to deplug and have a bit of rejuvenation time. Every once in a while I try to have a recharge and just go outside and smell some fresh air and check in with myself and figure out how I'm doing, feeling, and figure out what I want. I always feel so refreshed and at peace afterwards, and I think it's something everyone should do more often. I am so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, and I often take it for granted. I think it's so important to go out and enjoy the beauty I'm so blessed to be around.

After walking for a few hours along the Sea Wall I decided it was time to go get dinner and head home to finish my work, so I stopped at one of my favourite restaurants of all time here in Vancouver - Burgoo. If you're from the Vancouver area and have never been to Burgoo - my friend you are missing out. With the tag line "Burgoo: Food for Comfort", how can you really go wrong? I started off with my absolute favourite Strawberry Lemonade they serve, and downed it so quickly that I actually drank two full glasses of it before my meal even got to the table. I think I was a lot thirstier from my walk then I had thought!  

My food then quickly arrived, and my excitement really started to sink in. In a previous post (My Green Smoothie Edit) I talked a bit about how I'm a quite the habitual person, and in restaurants is a perfect example of it. I am the kind of person who when she finds something she likes at a restaurant, she orders it every. single. time. after that. Burgoo is no exception. They serve my absolute favourite tomato soup I have ever had (which says a lot, because tomato soup is one of my favourite foods of all times), and their Vegiterranean which is to die for. They offer this thing called the "After School Special" For 16.50$ where you get to pick any sandwich of your choice with any soup of your choice too, so it's just a natural order for me. The bowl of soup is deceivingly large as well - so be prepared! 

After stuffing my face and enjoying every last bite of my food, I sat back and relaxed on the patio and ordered a nice cuppa. Burgoo serves an organic tea brand that I can never remember the name of, but it's got my favourite peppermint tea I think I have ever had. I probably spent half an hour just drinking my tea and observing all of the people pass by on their adventures down Main Street.

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Have you been on any alone-time adventures lately? Where to?