Café Medina

Let me start off this post with saying that I know that I have been a very naughty blogger and not posted since halloween. Writers block hit me cold in the face, and every time it does the anxiety of coming back and writing again settles in and it takes me a few weeks to get out of my funk. But out of the funk I am and I am back feeling fresh and new again!
With that out of the way, I thought I would share with you all a place here in Vancouver that holds a special place in my heart. My love affair with Café Medina started a couple of years back (documented on my instagram here if you want to see a throwback), when it's location was smaller then a classroom and had a lineup for 2 hours minimum every weekend of people wanting to get in for brunch. Flash forward to August of this year Medina moved to a location close to three times its original size on Richards Street - a location that happens to be oh so close to where my parking spot is that I have downtown. 
"The New Medina" as they like to call it is absolutely stunning. With a buzzing and warm environment, your senses are overwhelmed with the smell of fresh belgian waffles, good coffee and a fresh open kitchen. Though the lineup is still long for brunch on weekends, every second is worth the wait the moment you take your first bite of one of their waffles. Seriously, I don't even like waffles and I can talk anyones ear off on how good these waffles are. 
Since one of my best friends (shout out to chummy) showed me this place, it's been one of our few gems here in Vancouver that we love (Burgoo is another one she showed me that I have talked about before) so it was only natural that we headed there for brunch the second she got home from uni for reading break. Like Burgoo, this is the kind of place that I know what I like and have basically ordered the same think every single time were here. My go to are these: A soy milk chocolate lavender hot chocolate, one or two waffles (depending on how hungry I am) with one of my favourite toppings (either white chocolate pistachio rosewater or peach & bourbon butterscotch), and my personal favourite - Le Saumon Fumé. Sadly due to my bodies natural reaction to regurgitate anything with eggs in it instantly I don't get to enjoy the fried egg that usually goes on top, but I would if I could, I feel like it would make it that much better. 
So if you're in Downtown Vancouver and are looking for a place to go for good coffee and good food for brunch, I recommend checking out Café Medina. I genuinely believe it's one of the best restaurants we have here (and so does Notable, who just awarded them best restaurant).