#FFOOTD {Airport Edition}

I have been very blessed in my life and am fortunate enough to say that I travel a lot. Well maybe not a lot, but definitely more often then 99% of my friends. Having experienced my fare share of airport and airplane adventures, I would say that I have got the travel outfit, face and carry on {click here to see inside} thing down to the tea. 
In my travels I have come to discover the ugly truth about airports and airlines: people treat you better the better you're dressed. Which is awful, I know, but something I have found to occur is that the more effort it looks like I've made, the better service I get. My dressing nicely when I fly though partially has to do with when I was 14 I flew to California for the first time by myself, I was in my pajamas and had a stuffed animal (yah, I was that girl) only to discover when I got on the plane that my travel buddy (aka the person sat beside me) was a male model... From that day on I vowed that I would present myself better when traveling - because you never know who you'll meet.
Enter my "it-looks-like-I-put-so-much-effort-in-but-really-only-spent-8-minutes-getting-ready" outfit + face. Now obviously outfits vary on destination and flight duration (wether I'm going somewhere hot or cold, what time I'm taking off/landing, how long I'll be on the plane...). My goal every time I travel though is to maintain comfort but still having some sort of fashionability, which is why I almost always opt for a dress or a skirt. It makes you look put together and professional when really it meets you don't have to have the restrictions of pants - just make sure the skirt is either flowy or stretchy. I then always like to wear a sweater, because planes get cold and no body wants to be cold for a long period of time or fork over the 20$+ some airlines will charge for a blanket. Now for footwear, now I know socks and sandals are considered the worlds most well known fashion faux pas - but it's a trend we've been seeing a lot in the street style realm after Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were seen walking off a plane donning socks n' birks. The combo (however horrid people might think it is) is the perfect travel footwear though. The sandals make going through TSA security a breeze by being able to slip the shoes on and off with no fuss, and the socks make it so that your feet don't have to touch the dirty carpet and keep your toes warm whilst on the cold air conditioned plane.
As for my carry on - you can see all on that here. But my face and hair... *spoiler* tune into http://youtube.com/bonjourcoley this sunday for more details on that ;) 

Hat // Topshop
Sweater // Cappuccino 
Dress // Topshop
Socks // Garage
Sandals // Betula licensed by Birkenstock

What do you like wearing whilst travelling?
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