Green Smoothie Edit.

One thing I have learnt about myself is that I am both habitually OCD, but at the same time can never stay doing the same thing for too long. What do I mean by that? Well, I am habitually OCD in the sense that I like to sit in the exact same seat every night at dinner, I like to park in the same spot in my car, I like to set up my station at school in the same spot everyday... I like familiarity. But I also get bored of things very easily. Wether it be my sushi order, how I do my daily makeup routine, or in this case how I make my favourite green smoothie.

Even though changes can be small, I do like to change things up often enough. So I thought I would share with you guys today my updated spring green smoothie edit. (See the original here)

Still using Coconut water as my base, the new recipe is a bit simpler using frozen peaches, chia seeds, hemp hearts, cucumbers and a banana. I sort of just eyeball it but I try and be more peach heavy then cucumber heavy. I also threw in a bit of spinach as well but for some reason forgot to photograph it! Whoopsies :)
Cucumber and peaches are both two of my top 5 favourite foods and flavours of all time (along with mint, earl grey and watermelon), so this smoothie is perfect for me. I think I am going to try it without the banana next time to see how it will blend and taste, but for now I am loving this recipe! 
Like I said last time, green smoothies are the tea. They're also really good for you, and a super tasty way to incorporate more veggies into your daily diet. 
wearing a Brandy Melville sweater and Essie's Mojito Madness.