Life and Blog Update.

As you may or may not of noticed, Bonjour Coley has been kind of quiet this summer (the blog that is anyways). My life has been really crazy these last couple of months, and I've found it quite difficult to maintain all of the expectations that I tend to set for myself. I thought I'd give you guys a little life update and kind of keep you up to date with what's been going on!
As you may or may not know, I am currently in school full time through the summer at John Casablancas Institute studying Makeup/FX Artistry. I am in my final and most intense unit now, with only one more makeup application left before my final. I am freaking out. Okay, maybe not freaking out, but kind of. As I talked about in my July Favourites, I just don't know where time is going. February feels like yesterday, and yet September and graduation is right around the corner. I sometimes find the lack of time really overwhelming. 
On top of school, my life has been also going through some changes. One of the more noticeable changes is definitely my bedroom. As you might have notices from my latest videos, my room has been moved around and changed drastically. This has not been a short process, and it is still a work in progress. We have been adding furniture (the best being a desk - pictured above - so my computer could get off of my vanity finally), but I still have a headboard, curtains, and more tidbits to be added. My whole bedroom was turned upside down for 3 or 4 weeks. I never realized how unsettling not being settled was, but I am happy to see the whole thing coming together.
Then just other tidbits and family responsibilities have been occupying my time. My sister is engaged, and we have been doing a lot of bridesmaid and wedding dress shopping this summer., my Gran turned 100, so we have been celebrating, and finally my other sister has been home with whom I share a bedroom and that alone can be very disorganizing having to account for someone else's schedule.

Truth be told though, I think the reality is I'm just tired. Going straight through since christmas without a break, I'm starting to feel worn down, and my blog has been kind of suffering because of it. 

But not anymore. At the end of july I sat down with myself and reevaluated my blogs upload schedule, my own life schedule, where I need to change things and how I want to do it. I started off by investing in an agenda (my mother is so proud - haha), and inside have both weekly and monthly calendars to help me organize my uploads and when I'm going to create the posts and schedule them so I'm not faced the day of with no post and needing to create/shoot/write/upload in the same day. I'm not gonna lie, I've only had this agenda now for a little over a week and the peace of mind it's given me blows me away.
As for a new upload schedule: I looked at my school schedule and have realized that it would just make more sense for me to change what day's I upload. So now, instead of the M/W/F schedule I had before, it's going to look a bit more like this: posts every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Being at school on Tuesdays and Wednesday's makes it difficult to post anything of quality on those day's - so for now they will be break days. The schedule is going to look a little like this:
Whatever Thursdays // Beauty, Fashion, Reviews, photography, tips, etc.
Fashion Fridays // #FFOOTD's, Style Inspo, etc.
Saturdays // Today's Look... a new series starting this week, any guesses as to what it is?
Sundays // New Videos up Here
Monday's // Mood Board
Obviously, this is subject to change. Some weeks I might feel like changing it up, but for now this is what I've got planned to keep my mind feeling sane and organized.
Any suggestions on what else you'd like to see? let me know!