Scotland-UK-1 Oh Scotland... I have mixed feelings about my time in the UK after leaving England. If you follow me on twitter then you probably would know that I got super sick at the beginning of my UK Contiki tour. Long story short, I left a bar really early one night (without telling anyone... oops!) feeling nauseous and figuring I had eaten something funny and just needed to sleep it off. I then woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my head was going to explode and couldn't breathe. Went down to the lobby, collapsed, had a seizure, got to take a really fun ride in an ambulance to a hospital in Carlisle. Turns out, I had a fever of 106 degrees and was severely dehydrated. Also turns out, I had a severe bladder infection, tonsillitis and the flu... super fun! Needless to say, I basically turned into a super lame hermit after that. Thankfully, I had met one of my favourite people in the entire world, who was super incredible on my tour and basically took care of me. Even though I was sick and couldn't really do anything, the memories I made getting to know and spending time with the person who was willing to go at my slow, sick pace are some of my favourites from my entire Europe trip. Scotland on a whole is such a beautiful place (even though it's cold as hell) so I hope you enjoy the photos I took whilst there!

Scotland-UK-2 Scotland-UK-3 Scotland-UK-4 Scotland-UK-5 Scotland-UK-6 Scotland-UK-7 Scotland-UK-8 Scotland-UK-9 Scotland-UK-10 Scotland-UK-11 Scotland-UK-12 Scotland-UK-13 Scotland-UK-14 Scotland-UK-15

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