Stiletto Nails {Trend Talk: Revisited}


Stiletto Nails Classy Claws Ssssamanthaa BatALash Ravandahl One of the very first blog posts ever written on this blog was all about Stiletto Nails (queue a set of blurry, lame blog photos from an original post... oh how people grow!). If you've been around for a while and have seen that post before, then my Instagram earlier this month may have come as a shock to you. All of February and March were littered with photos of these bad boys back on my nails.

I won't spoil my original Trend Talk: Stiletto Nails for you too much if you haven't read it yet, but I can definitely say that I'm totally biting myself in the ass now after making statements like "I honestly can’t be bothered" because they're "just too much of a hassle" and that "I don’t think I am going to ever commit" to such a trend because the cons weighed out the pros too much for me. So what changed my mind?

Stiletto Nails Classy Claws Ssssamanthaa BatALash Ravandahl

As you guys all probably already know, Samantha Ravandahl from BatALash Beauty is basically my ultimate girl crush. She was one of the biggest reasons I chose the the makeup artistry school that I did, and her realness and hardworking yet IDGAF attitude is so inspiring to me. She's literally the reason I started wearing coloured eyeshadow and false eye lashes regularly. One thing you'll notice if you follow Sam is that her stiletto nails are always on fleek. They're what caused my original far off fantasy of getting these kinds of nails and brought you the original Stiletto Nails post. Sam has gotten her nails done by the same girl for as long as I can remember following her, and that is how I found Bee. Bee is the mastermind behind Classy Claws. Equal parts talent and all round BAMF, this girl just gets nails. It wasn't until after my first appointment with her that I realized I had been doing nails wrong this whole time.

One of my biggest problems I've always had with gel nails, acrylic nails, bio gels, etc. is that within 4 or 5 days they would start growing out and they'd start to lift at the corners, bend, and just be all around uncomfortable. I would get so irritated with them that I would eventually just peel them off (completely damaging my nails in the process). Every one would just tell me I had oily nail beds and that it was my fault that they would fall off. All until Bee did my nails and I realized, it's all about quality with your nails. In the handful of times that I've gotten gels or acrylics, the longest they've ever lasted on my nails is 6 days. These bad boys lasted a full 3 weeks through working on 2 films where I was elbow deep in alcohol and acetone before I headed back in to Bee's studio to get a fill. It was in that moment where I knew I had found gold and that these puppies would be on my nails for as long as Bee can do them.

Stiletto Nails Classy Claws Ssssamanthaa BatALash Ravandahl

So here's my advice to you when it comes to stiletto nails, make sure you have someone who knows what they're doing. It's all about quality if you want sturdy, solid nails that look good. So make sure you find a good esthetician because it makes all the difference. I'm totally hooked!

Make sure you check out Classy Claws on instagram too!

xoxo, C