Travel Bucket List

Last night I spent my last evening for a few months at least with a friend who is on her first adventure of leaving home to embark on the excitingly scary world of university. As we walked along Vancouver's sea wall in Coal Harbour, we talked about life, our goals, and my travel dreams. As I mentioned in my 2014 New Year's Resolutions (which I have totally been failing at, but that's besides the point), I really want to travel and visit a country I have never seen before. Though leaving before the end of this year is kind of out of the question, me and early 2015 have been toying with the idea... a lot. Since I've had traveling on my mind, I thought I would share with you guys my current
top 10 places on my travel bucket list.
1. Denmark

Back to my roots. As you may or may not know, my father is Danish. His parents moved here to Canada after the second world war leaving all of their family behind. For me, that means I have a lot of family over there eager to take us around and explore. I really hope I can do this soon in the next couple of years so that I can show my grandmother pictures of me in the places she grew up, because I know it would make her proud.

2. Thailand

The culture, the beauty, the everything... Thailand entrances me. Though I don't think it will be my first trip alone, I can see myself once I've finished school completely backpacking through here (along with number 6... more on that later) and experiencing it in my twenties.

3. France
I have dreamed of this city since I was a little girl. Being a fashion lover at heart, France - and Paris in particular - have always been this far off fantasy of mine. Then I joined Tumblr and Taylor Swift's music video for Begin Again came out and the little me fantasy turned into a constant woman's day dream. Sigh... One day I will eat macarons, brie cheese or espresso at a street cafe in paris...
4. Kenya

For a very long time I have talked about volunteering in Africa at an orphanage and having the desire for a new perspective of what poverty truly is. Though being the sensitive person that I am, I know that I will not make this trip until I am financially and emotionally stable enough to be able to handle it. 

5. Greece

Greek salad and white wine on a beach in Mykonos... who doesn't dream of that? Besides being a beautiful country with some of my favourite cuisine, it's history is some of my favourite ever. I am a huge greek mythology fan, and have read the Odyssey, the Iliad, and different books on the greek stories so often that I've lost count. Being able to see where the Classics history was made would be a dream come true for me.

6. Vietnam

Like Thailand, this is somewhere I really want to visit after I finish school completely. It's culture, history and beauty in general has always entranced me. One day I will find myself in the southeast of Asia...

7. India

The colours of India have always seduced me. The markets, the cuisine, the loud traffic and constant people are something that I find quite fascinating and unlike anything I've ever seen. Then some of my favourite youtubers went on an adventure doing the Rickshaw Run across India, and my interest in the culture went into overdrive. Though I think I need to be a much more seasoned traveller before I tackle the world of India, one day I will.

8. United Kingdom

If you've been on my blog for a while, then you probably saw my post about my favourite perfume (if not and you're new... Hello! Welcome! you can see what I'm talking about here so you don't feel left out) where I mentioned my love for anything british. Though it could be due to my love of Harry Potter, but as I have mentioned before that I feel like I must of been born in London in a past life. That being said though London, Liverpool, Brighton, Ireland, Scotland, Wales... I want to see it all. 

9. Amsterdam

Now most people my age would say this for the red light district and all the shenanigans that can be done when your are young and unafraid... But I'm not even going to lie, this one is purely because of the Fault in Our Stars. But even so, the boats and canals with the trees falling over seems almost to beautiful to be true. One day I will have my very own Augustus and we will drink champagne together in Amsterdam...

10. Brazil

South American Latin culture... that is a different world all of its own. One of my very first blogposts here on BC was of my travels to New York, and though I do mention that I was in Boston beforehand, I don't think I've ever shared that I was living there in Boston for the majority of my summer going to school at Berklee College of Music. Whilst I was in Boston, I met a fair few Brazilians from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro alike, and they definitely sold it to me.  
That is my travel bucket list! Where do you dream of traveling?