2015 | Reflections and Update

Beauty Guru Bonjour Coley's long blonde braid looking at the View from a top of Active Volcanos Mauna Kea and Hualalai on the Tourism Attraction on the Big Island of Hawaii - Edited with VSCO Film Pack 1
Sneak Peek | One of my photos from my trip to Hawaii
Oh hey there! Remember me? No? That's fair. It's been awhile. I mean, I haven't written a post since last year. Cheesy typical new year joke aside, things have been a lil' quiet on here since just before Christmas. Hope you all had merry holidays and a good start to the new year. As the holidays typically do, they kicked my ass and I found myself unable to keep up with anything that I needed to get done. It felt as though December had started and the next thing you know Christmas was over, it was a New Year and I was on a plane headed to the Big Island of Hawaii.
Flying to Hawaii on January 1st of a new year was a really nice break from the insanity that was my 2014. I got to sit back and for the first time truly take a break to reflect on what had happened in the last year. 
My 2014 In A Nutshell:
I started 2014 in full swing of my second unit (of 5) in full time school at JCI, I was also part-time at a second school (VanArts). I had a job at the largest Topshop in the world (not including Oxford Circus). I got myself a boyfriend (bad idea) which ended pretty quickly and I made a vow to focus on me, realizing I really wasn't ready yet to date anyone. I was happier then I had been in a really long time. 
Then March came along and I started my Youtube Channel: Bonjour Coley, and since that first video on March 16, 2014, I have uploaded a new video every single sunday without missing a single week. *Self High-Five* I also started posting here regularly(ish). 
Then in April I got the opportunity to work on my very first film as a makeup artist, just as my time at Topshop was coming to an end. May rolls around and I got to do one of the coolest makeups ever and had the opportunity to turn one of my best friends into a Giraffe - something that even got a cheeky lil' like from my ultimate girl crush Samantha from BatALash. Then it was june and I got to work on my first indie production as a makeup artist, at which time I definitely caught the film bug. 
Next thing you know it was the summer and I was applying my first ever creature prosthetics and prepping for my Final Exam. Then, with my final exam of a custom creature prosthetic I had sculpted, poured and painted myself completed, it was straight to LA where I spent 5 days in Southern California visiting my sister and my mom before heading back and graduating at the same time as starting at Simon Fraser University, doing their Digital Communications intensive program learning about effective Social Media Marketing.
 October graced me with a small reflective holiday, where I got to look at what I was thankful for whilst I spent a few days at my cabin for Thanksgiving. This is also around the time that I got to talking to a boy who I had actually met briefly on that first indie production of mine, who has now become one of the greatest lights in my life I could of ever asked for. 
The next thing I know it's November, I've graduated from SFU and I am starting to have a real moment with myself. For the first time since the summer before I started grade twelve, I decided to take a break. After going for 3 years straight of overlapping school programs with no more then a week off I made the conscious decision to stop, pull back on the reigns and reflect on what I wanted this next year to mean to me. I uploaded a video all about my tattoos, which quickly has grown to being my first ever "viral" video that has now been viewed over twenty three thousand times. But besides that I enjoyed my December, celebrating Christmas with my family and Turning 19 with my friends. 
And now we're here. 

When I landed in Hawaii I made the conscious decision that I would create artistic content while I was there, but besides Daily Vlogging every day I was there (on my brand spanking new Vlogging Channel) and taking photos (which will be up on Wednesday for you all!), I was going to sit back and enjoy my time and reflect on what I wanted 2015 to look like for this blog and my channels. I prolonged my break from writing on here to determine an upload "schedule" (I use this lightly cause who knows what'll happen), and decide what kind of content I wanted to be making this year, especially since (if you were following my second channel you'd already know this but) 2015 is going to be an insane year for me.
So what is it that I've got planned for this year?

Well, I'm starting off February with a bang and working on a few short films with the students at the MOPA Program at Capilano University, and saving up my last few pennies as I finish off the last bits of planning for the biggest trip of my entire life. At the end of March, I am heading across the pond to Europe and am going to be backpacking all over from the UK to France to Switzerland to Italy to Denmark and maybe some cheeky stops to some other countries in between before heading home in July. And don't you worry - I will be vlogging every second of it on that cheeky new channel I was talking about, along with taking thousands of photos of course. Then its home in July and up to Whistler for a cheeky little girls trip for my sisters bachelorette party. Then August I'm cabin bound for the first bit as I participate as co-maid-of-honour at my sisters wedding. The last bit of August will find me on another trip, but this time across the country to Ottawa to meet that boy I was talking about's family and to see where his roots are. September will hit me and I am back at school full time pursuing one of my biggest passions and reasons for starting this blog - Photography - at VanArts doing their full time Digital Photography program. Then hits October, and it San Francisco bound to run in the Nike Women's Half Marathon - something I will be participating in, which is also something I never thought I'd ever be able to say. Then finally finishing off the end of the year,  December and Christmas will find me Jamaica bound with my entire family to Celebrate my parents 25th anniversary in the place they got married.
But what about my plans for the blog and my channel?

Good question! Starting February 1st, you can expect a new blog post every. single. day. The amount of travelling I'm doing might worry you, but fear not: I have been working extra hard to be making and scheduling a bunch of content in advance to my big trip across the pond just for you guys. Early 2015 will also introduce my brand new logos and website that will be rolling out soon - so keep your eyes peeled! You can still expect new videos every sunday over on my main channel, as well as TONS of travel vlogs over on that second channel of mine.  
But here's my question for you:

What kinds of posts and videos do you want to see this year?
Let me know down below!