The Secret Garden Tea Company

Fact: going out for breakfast is one of the best things of all time to do. It just is. Here's another fact: Tea is one of the best things ever invented. It just is. Mixing the two together brings us to a whole new level of awesome. The Secret Garden Tea Company is this cute little tea house in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood on the west side of Vancouver. Having one of my best friends living in this neighbourhood, I have come to learn it quite well. My boyfriend on the other hand, is not from here at all, and until two years ago called the east coast his home. He's still learning this city, and so I have had the pleasure of taking him to all of my little secret places I love to go and eat (Burgoo being the first, Café Medina and Neverland being our next), and I thought I would take you guys along with us as I brought him to another one of my favourites. The Secret Garden Tea Company is a tea salon like Neverland that serves breakfast, lunch, high tea and obviously just good ol' pots of tea. They also have a counter for treats to go and tea that you can get as take out, but also buy loose leaf tins of all the teas they offer. If you follow my Instagram you probably saw these {1 + 2} photos saturday morning as we found ourselves through their door for a nice cuppa and some breakfast. 

We started off by ordering our tea. Seeing as it was the morning, we both opted for black teas, craving caffeine to wake us up a bit. Bubba being the french guy that he is ordered French Earl Grey which is a light rose infused earl grey tea. I went for Peach & Apricot, which is just exactly what it says, a fruity black tea with the juicy peach and sweet apricot flavours. Let me just start this off here by saying I had never tried this tea before even though I've spent numerous of times debating it, but this is hands down one of the best teas I have ever tried. Paired with some almond milk and sugar, it tasted like peaches and cream and boy was it ever a delight. Seriously, I am hands down wanting to buy this to have at home. *or if any family can't figure out what to get me for christmas/my birthday ;) *

Then came our breakfast. Bubba's order was probably one the cutest things I have ever seen. He ordered the Secret Garden Breakfast Scone, a grilled cheese scone filled with bacon and scrambled eggs that comes with hashbrowns and some fruit. The scone was shaped like a heart. I repeat the scone was shaped like a heart. Man I am such a sucker for food shaped like any sort of heart or animal. 

I stuck to what I order every single time I come here: The Banana Bread Oatmeal. I have dreams about this stuff guys. This stuff actually tastes like banana bread, and oatmeal is super good for you, it's a win-win. I want to figure out how to make this at home for breakfast everyday, but for now I just enjoy the oat banana pecan medley from heaven every time I'm here. If you recognize this oatmeal too, then you get 10x the follower/stalker points from me, and if not don't worry - I'll give you a hint (holy throwback).

I then got Bubba to take some photos of me "acting casual" because the light was pouring through our window seat so perfectly that I couldn't pass it up. It pays to have a fellow photographer as someone you date. But to say thanks to him for taking these photos of me for you to see, you should like his Facebook Page and follow him on Instagram. Plus he's pretty darn cute. 

After drinking more tea then I thought possible and eating as much of my oatmeal as I could (I only ended up finishing half), we paid our bills and got the rest of my food packed up. They gave me the most adorable bag to take my food home in that I just had to show you.

If you're from the Vancouver area or ever find yourself visiting here, I highly recommend you make your way over to them at 5559 West Boulevard for a nice quiet breakfast, lunch, high tea or whatever you fancy. But if you're not from these neck of the woods then I would check out their Online Shop because they sell and ship all of their teas to people across Canada and the US. 
Where do you think I should take Bubba next?