David's Tea Summer Collection

Hello again, and welcome back to another addition of my "Whatever Wednesday's" where I talk about whatever I want... hehe - get it? whatever wednesday's cause I talk about whatever! (Hey, I thought it was clever). Today I thought I would share with you guys an obsession/part of my life that I've never really talked about in detail before, and that is my love of tea. Before you go on about how basic I am, let me just tell you, tea is so so so good for you. I could go on for an entire blogpost about the benefits of drinking tea (besides it being a great alternative to juices and pop... more on that in a minute!), but I think that lifehacker summed it up pretty well, so click the link and go read it if you don't believe me.
Anyways, being a tea obsessed individual like myself, I naturally have been finding myself browsing David's Tea on a near-daily basis (in my defence, there is one right next to both my school and my work). Much to my excitement, Davids Tea recently launched they're summer collection, with 4 herbal teas and 1 flavoured white tea, along with lots of cute new mugs, boxed sets/gifts, tea accessories and more.
Let me start off with how amazing the collection of teas they came out with is. Now they came out with 4 new teas named Just Peachy, Sangria, Watermelon Mint, and Shooting Starfruit along with bringing back for a limited time Mango Fruit Punch. I like the fact that the majority of the collection is herbal as well, which means those who are caffeine sensitive can rejoice. Guys, this collection is the freaking tea (look at me using my own sayings in a puntastic way). Never once in my entire life have I ever liked an entire collection not only as a whole, but each individual tea as well. I literally love every single one.
Just Peachy // Herbal"This fruity iced tea is packed with the juicy flavour of ripe summer peaches"

Sangria // Herbal

"A rich, tangy blend of  hibiscus, berries and orange slices. Patio not included."

Watermelon Mint // Herbal

"With fresh watermelon and a cool hint of mint, this is as refreshing as it gets."
Shooting Starfruit // White
"With starfruit, jackfruit and papaya, this is one tropical drink."

Mango Fruit Punch // Herbal

"With mango, pineapple and tangerine, this refreshing blend packs a punch."
If you read last weeks Whatever Wednesday, you can probably guess which two teas are my favourite from the collection (if you did read it, and you did guess, thats two points to you my friend). If not, click the link, read it, and come back and try and guess. Okay, are you back? Do you have a guess?
*ding ding ding ding*
If you guessed Watermelon Mint and Just Peachy, that's another blog point to you! I might even go so far as to say that Watermelon Mint may just be my favourite herbal tea of All. Time.

But, the coolest thing by far I think that DT has brought in is introducing Tea Pop onto their menu. Basically what Tea Pop is, is they steep the tea extra strong and put it over ice, and then top it off with bubbly water (in DT case, SodaStream), creative a way healthier, and (depending on how you take your tea) virtually sugarless alternative to pop. And let me tell you, it's bloody fantastic. Their Iced Tea's were already amazing alternatives to commercially bought Iced Tea's like Nestea, Arizona or Peace Tea, but now the have a more uniquely flavoured alternative to pop to? I am hooked.

Now I just want to point out, that my shopping at Davids Tea started off very innocently, only buying these extremely adorable mason jar mug with a green candy cane striped straw that is so Pinterest that it's ridiculous, but I still love it. But somehow it went from innocent, one item purchase too...
Me going a lil' loco in Davids tea. I just got so excited I could barely contain it and the next minute I knew I was walking out with a ginormous blue bag and an iced Watermelon Mint tea pop... What? What just happened? I regret nothing. So I thought I would share with y'all what I got. 
Starting off with the Iced Tea Starter Kit. This is one of the cute gift box/set/tea accessory thingy's I was talking about before that is new for the summer that includes a steeper, a bottle of agave, and 3 packets of different flavours of tea that are being offered in the new summer collection - Just Peachy, Mango Fruit Punch, and Watermelon Mint. Priced at only 34.50$, I thought that this was a really good investment, especially because I was planning on buying a steeper and a bottle of their agave anyways. Also, the packaging is just so damn cute.
Now obviously since it is my favourite tea of them all, I also bought myself a Watermelon Mint Tea Solo. Also partially because the packaging is so damn cute, I decided to get it in the cute little solo container instead of at the counter in a bag as I had originally intended. 
Then of course, the introduction of a Summer Collection, means the farewell to a Spring Collection. Cool Cucumber was one of the black teas from the previous collection, and it was by far one of my favourite collection black teas I've ever come across. So naturally, I stocked up on as many individual packs as I could get (it was the last day that they were available, and I got the last 4 their were). They were also on sale for 4 for 10$, which is a total bonus.
They also had a promotion going on that day as well, where if you spent more then 40$(I think... maybe it was 35... or 50...) you got a free jar of Creamed Honey with Hibiscus! I also ended up getting their very last jar before they ran out (the stars were definitely aligned in my favour that day). I have yet to try it, but it looks unbelievably yummy.
And that is everything I got! I'm starting to feel like I should work at Davids Tea or something, because I feel like I am actually in there every single day. I really do love their teas though and love the atmosphere of this store, and I think that is part of the reason I keep going back.
Do you guys have any favourite teas from David's Tea? Or anywhere else? I love trying new ones all the time and would love to hear some suggestions!