Fashion Friday's OOTD

Aloha mes amigas y amigos! Yes I realize that aloha is not spanish and that I probably did not write that in proper grammatical form (spanish 9 sadly only got me so far) but I'm just going to go with out. How are y'all doing doing today? Welcome back to another Fashion Friday's Outfit of The day, today I will be featuring my lazy day outfit cause you know... why not? I did this mainly to show you all another success in getting an item off of my Monthly Wardrobe Wishlist, this time being a classic oversized flannel. 
But seriously guys, my love for this flannel is actually unreal. I got it off of the vintage flannel rack at 
Brandy Melville and it is perfect. It's the perfect length, coming just past my bum and just over my hands, which for someone my height is very hard to find. I also love that it's more of a neutral colour, because you can pair it with so many more things. 
I've paired my new favourite flannel with a simple jean/white tee combo, wearing some highwasited shorts and a white croptop and my good ol' white chucks. My favourite part of the look though (besides my flannel) is actually my hair. It hadn't been washed in a few days (tonight was washing day) and so it was really greasy. I just through it up into a half up/half down top knot à la Lily Melrose. This is a hairstyle that I've been wearing a lot no matter how many funny looks I get.

Flannel // Brandy Melville
Top // Topshop
Shorts // American Apparel
Socks // Tophop
Shoes // Converse
I'm literally just hanging out all day outside in the sun reading and doing a bunch of homework and editing whilst drinking some tea out of my favourite new mug! If you saw wednesday's post you've probably seen it along with a review on the tea that I'm drinking (didn't see it? Click here!). This mug though is the tea (more silly puns from Coley for yah). I love how Pinterest-esque it is and the size is perfect for a good ol' cup of ice tea.

Since it is a lazy day the makeup again is at it's minimal, but I thought I'd share my no-makeup makeup/ I was super lazy and gave up half way through applying it. Since it's been super warm here in Vancouver and we're getting closer and closer to summer I've noticed I've been wearing less and less on my face and have been letting it breathe, which I think is a good thing. I'm also still rocking that finger condom, with pride might I add.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer // Pink Porcelain 1
Benefit Gimme Brow // Light/Medium
Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara // Black
Rosebud Perfume Company // Rosebud Salve
Essie // Good as Gold