Greece {Athens + Mykonos}


Greece-Athens-Mykonos-11 Greece, one of the most magical places in the entire world. Reflecting back on my trip, I would say that my two weeks in this country was one of the biggest highlights for me. The culture, the food, the people, the atmosphere... I would go back in a heartbeat. Though it was one of my favourite places, I didn't take very many photos. I was surrounded by such amazing people and took a step back to allow myself to just experience my trip in the moment and not through a lens.Mykonos is one of my favourite places in the world now, and I only have two pictures from there, both of my view of paradise beach from my room. I also have this one on instagram, but I'm not counting it. I'm really grateful I did this though, and it's given me the perfect excuse to go back and take more pictures! But for now enjoy the first half of my time in Greece.

Greece-Athens-Mykonos-10 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-9 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-8 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-7 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-6 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-5 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-4 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-3 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-2 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-1Greece-Athens-Mykonos-14 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-12 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-13 Greece-Athens-Mykonos-15

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