paris-amsterdam-nice-bonjourcoley-3Paris... The city of love, the city of dreams and maybe my favourite city in all of Europe. As you probably saw on my instagram, Paris made such an amazing impression on me, I had to go back at the end of my trip. I talked on one of the photos I had posted how I thought that I had found something quite special in my comfort in this city. My ability to navigate without directions with a safe sense of comfort is what I get in these streets. I have discovered my own gems, have my own favourite places, a routine in a sense was found here. I can safely say this is the first place I'd want to come back to in Europe (along with London - but more on that in a future post), and if I had to, I could move here tomorrow without a blink of an eye. I did film a vlog whilst here on my first round in paris if you want to see as well over on my vlog channel. I hope you enjoy the photos and love this city as much as I do!

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